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Re: Oil Filter Fiasco...

On Fri, 5 May 1995 Peter_C_Schulz@ccmail.ed.ray.com wrote:

> My question is...Have users of oem filters ever experienced this?  Is 
> checking the gasket normal oil change procedure, or is it taken for 
> granted?  In ten years of changing oil myself and using Fram filters, 
> this has NEVER happened. 

I had been using Fram filters until I got the low down from this list and 
a few other people who "know".  I have never had this problem with Fram 
or any other type of filters.  The main reason that I use the Mahle 
filters is due to the aforementioned anti-drainback valve and the fact 
that I can get the Mahle's for $3.95ea at a local European car specialist.

Robert Phillips
The University of Akron Sociology Department-------Akron, Ohio
1987 Audi 4000S, 1.8L 4-cyl, FWD----------SOLO II  H-Stock