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Oil Filter Fiasco...

Consistenty members of the list recommend that others use oem-oil 
filters such as Mahle and Bosch. Some of us, myself included, however 
wanted to save a few $$$ by using Fram oil filters...

Well yesterday I learned my lesson.  I had some leftover Fram filters 
from my VW Scirocco, so I figured that I'd use them, despite the fact 
that they don't have the anti-drain valve that the oem filters do.

So I drained the oil, removed the old filter, poured about 1/2 quart 
into the Fram filter, lubricated both the gasket and the thread, before 
installing it.  I then re-attached the belly pan.

Started the car.  Then quickly turned it off - only 1 bar oil pressure!

Oil- expensive $3.50/qt Mobil 1, dripping off the belly pan and the 
motor underside.  Fearing the worst, I removed the belly pan expecting a 
punctured filter.  Removed the filter, and the gasket from the previous 
filter fell off into my hand.  Checked the old filter...sure enough, the 
gasket had detached from it !#$@@#$@#$!!.

Reinstalled the filter (only one gasket this time), cleaned up best I 
could (Both the car and me).  Luckily I had enough oil remaining...I had 
lost at least 2 qts.  Plug for Kitty litter.

Started the car- 5 bar oil pressure. Much better!

My question is...Have users of oem filters ever experienced this?  Is 
checking the gasket normal oil change procedure, or is it taken for 
granted?  In ten years of changing oil myself and using Fram filters, 
this has NEVER happened. 

I guess I'll be using oem filters in the future (and checking for the 
old filter gasket!)

a wiser, oilyer Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q - dripping expensive Syn -oil!