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Re: Oil Filter Fiasco...

On Fri, 5 May 1995 Peter_C_Schulz@ccmail.ed.ray.com wrote:

> Started the car.  Then quickly turned it off - only 1 bar oil pressure!
> Oil- expensive $3.50/qt Mobil 1, dripping off the belly pan and the 
> motor underside.  Fearing the worst, I removed the belly pan expecting a 
> punctured filter.  Removed the filter, and the gasket from the previous 
> filter fell off into my hand.  Checked the old filter...sure enough, the 
> gasket had detached from it !#$@@#$@#$!!.
> Reinstalled the filter (only one gasket this time), cleaned up best I 
> could (Both the car and me).  Luckily I had enough oil remaining...I had 
> lost at least 2 qts.  Plug for Kitty litter.
....Unfortunately this happened to me as well changing the oil+filter in
my wifes car. I left the old gasket in there when I installed the new filter
( which BTW were both Frams). When the car first started everything was 
No leaks and the idiot pressure light did _not_ come on. But I did not rev
the engine. If I had I would have noticed something amiss, because an hour
later my wife took out the car and after 5 miles it ran out of oil and
the motor fried. The oil warning came on but she ignored it.
	Naturally there was an arguement between us. I obviously screwed up
the job big time but if she had just pulled to the side of the road when
she noticed the oil idiot light nothing serious whould have happend.
	I learned two lessons from this:
		1) always check for debris or the old gasket
  		before installing a new filter
                2) don' work on the wifes car anymore. Maybe
		because it was a Toyota instead of my Audi I
		 wasn't dillegent enough.

	....just a story