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Re: Factory exhaust systems?? ACK!

Put a new exhaust system on my 87 4KCSQ about two months ago. Knew I 
wasn't going back to my dealer because the last quote I got from him was 
in excess of $600 part, labor & tax.  In addition, my favorite Audi tech 
no longer works there.  Since he had a 4KQ & a 5000 wagon himself I 
figured that my ride was safe in his hands.  

Also decided not to go back to the cheapo charlie place in town that did 
my front muffler about 15 months ago for about $200.  It already had a 
couple of holes in it.

Called Shokan (never had done business with them before) & a very nice 
gentleman on the phone said that I could have an Ansa system or something 
akin to an OWM.  Dont remember the exact prices, but they were in excess 
of $325, and neither system came with brackets, hangers, etc.

Turned to an AudiVW place in Manitowoc, Wiscosnin (north of Milwaukee, 
south of the North Pole) Blaufergnugen (1-800-683 AUDI).  $289 plus tax 
for everything from the converter back inlcuding brackets, clamps, 
gaskets, etc.  Had it UPS'd to my friendly shade tree garage that keeps 
my Q running.  Hacksawed the old thing off, put the new one on, charged 
me an hour's labor & I was off and running.

Needed a new system because the rubber doughnut on the driver's side of 
the back muffler had broken & the strain on the muffler & upstream pipe 
was enough to crack the pie in about a 250 degree arc.  Kept patching the 
pipe & finally decided to bite the bullet & replace the entire system.  
Dont know if the new one is OEM or not, but it sure is some serious heavy 
gauge tubing and substantial feeling mufflers.

PS:  Tongiht, driving the wife home from her job (why? 'cause # 2 son had 
her car.  Thank God he has no taste & prefers her Olds to the Q) we pass 
an Audi Cabrio with the top down.  Wfie (former 5000 driver & rememberer 
of old 911E Targa days) says: "That sure looks like fun.  Think I'd like 
one of those!"  The sound you are hearing is my long-anticipated used S4 
or URQ disappearing into the mist.