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Re: Factory exhaust systems?? ACK!

William Murin sez:
> PS:  Tongiht, driving the wife home from her job (why? 'cause # 2 son had 
> her car.  Thank God he has no taste & prefers her Olds to the Q) we pass 
> an Audi Cabrio with the top down.  Wfie (former 5000 driver & rememberer 
> of old 911E Targa days) says: "That sure looks like fun.  Think I'd like 
> one of those!"  The sound you are hearing is my long-anticipated used S4 
> or URQ disappearing into the mist.

Man do those Cabrios look NICE!  If only they had quattro available!
(I mean, you know, Quattro's not just for the snow!)

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