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Re: Factory exhaust systems?? ACK!


I actually like my Q better in the rain than in the snow.  Problem in the 
snow is that there tends to be too much showing off (me included).  Had 
my Q in to the Audi dealer one day for some routine maintainance.  It was 
winter and there had been a relatively recent snowstorm in WI.  Looked 
out the window separating the waiting area from the work area & there 
were lots of Qs in various stages of repair.  Wandered ober to the 
Service Mgr who I've known for a long time and lots of $$$$$ (3 Audis, 3 
Porsches going back to '73) and aked why so many Qs in the shop.  his 
reponse: you guys forget that while these things go better than anything 
else in the snow, they dont stop any better.  I've since gotten more 
conservative in the snow but really gutsy (stupid) in the rain.  

The Audi cabrio is generally underpowered now with a Q system and no 
engine/trans mods it would really be for show not go.

On Tue, 9 May 1995, Frank Deutschmann wrote:

> William Murin sez:
> > PS:  Tongiht, driving the wife home from her job (why? 'cause # 2 son had 
> > her car.  Thank God he has no taste & prefers her Olds to the Q) we pass 
> > an Audi Cabrio with the top down.  Wfie (former 5000 driver & rememberer 
> > of old 911E Targa days) says: "That sure looks like fun.  Think I'd like 
> > one of those!"  The sound you are hearing is my long-anticipated used S4 
> > or URQ disappearing into the mist.
> Man do those Cabrios look NICE!  If only they had quattro available!
> (I mean, you know, Quattro's not just for the snow!)
> -frank
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