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Re: Oil Filter Fiasco...

> Fearing the worst, I removed the belly pan expecting a punctured filter.
> Removed the filter, and the gasket from the previous filter fell off
> into my hand.  Checked the old filter...sure enough, the gasket had
> detached from it !#$@@#$@#$!!.

I've been using Fram filters for the last fifteen years and never had any
problems with them, until recently.  But since two of the last three filters
I've used have done exactly the same thing with exactly the same results as
described above -- I now make it a point to specifically check for this -- I
won't be buying any more once my stock has been used up (FYI, my sister used
to work for Allied Signal and got me a deal on a case of these things...).

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't use them at all since
this might not be the ONLY QC problem they're having...  

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