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Re: Oil Filter Fiasco...

> I've been using Fram filters for the last fifteen years and never had any
> problems with them, until recently.  But since two of the last three filters
> I've used have done exactly the same thing with exactly the same results as
> described above -- I now make it a point to specifically check for this -- I
> won't be buying any more once my stock has been used up (FYI, my sister used
> to work for Allied Signal and got me a deal on a case of these things...).
> Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't use them at all since
> this might not be the ONLY QC problem they're having...  

You're right Jeffrey ... here's a couple of messages that I pulled from the
motorcycle group.  I didn't post them here before since they seemed to affect
only motorcycle apps, but they may be indicative of other problems ...

Steve Buchholz


Note on Fram oil filters from another newsgroup.


(This message came from Les Creiss, the head WMRRA tech inspector.
 I have edited it for readability and obvious typos. -- Robyn)

 ---- Begin Forwarded Message

   [I] received word from Ben Schenk last evening about a recall on FRAM
   oil filters.  Affected models are 6004, 6005, and 6017. 6004 and 6005
   are cartridge (internal type) and the 6017 is a spin-on.  The internals
   I'm not too worried about but,...the 6017 has a faulty crimp attaching
   the filter can to the base.   Several "exploded" during races on East
   Coast this past weekend; one rider near death, another paralyzed.
   We (WMRRA Tech) will ban the 6017s from all race bikes this weekend!
   New shipments are being sent out to all suppliers/dealers now.
   I need you to contact all your racer friends and let them know about it. 

   The bikes (that we know of) that use the 6017s are:  Honda - CB1 400,
   CBR600s (Hurricane, F1, F2, and probably the new F3s), VT600, XL600,
   NT650, VFR750, CBR1000, and VT1100.  Kawi - EX500, ZX6, ZX7R,and
   probably the new ZX6R Yam - FZR600, Seca2 600, and FZR1000.

   I'll be calling all Tech Inspectors tonight and asking them to contact
   all racers they know to pass the word.  Gonna be a mess this weekend
   trying to sort it out but, considering the gravity of the problem
   we gotta do it!  Thanx for yer help!!

To: bmw@denizen.dseg.ti.com
Subject: Fram Oil Filter Recall

I was following the thread from a few weeks ago about the bad FRAM oil
filters and printed out some of the stuff that was posted.  My wife
works with a woman whose husband is some kinda corporate level Allied
Signal guy, so I had my wife pass some copies along.  I put a little
note on it explaining to him what the IBMWR List was all about and that
his firm could reach thousands of riders quickly here.  I got this
notice back from him.  Fellow presidents that lurk rec.moto and such
feel free to redistribute widely.

++++++++++++++++++BEGIN FRAM OIL FILTER RECALL +++++++++++++++++++

To All Customers:

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the
National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

Allied Signal Automotive Aftermarket, marketers of FRAM oil filters,
has determined that a defect which relates to motorcycle safety, exists
on certain FRAM motorcycle oil filters.  This affects the FRAM PH6017
oil filter purchased from Allied Signal between January 1, 1995 and
March 16,1995.  The filter has "made in Korea" printed in silver
letters following the Allied Signal address on the side of the filter.

The PH6017, produced in Korea, is being recalled for thread problems
which could affect installation resulting in the filter coming off in

To correct this condition,all PH6017 motorcycle oil filters marked
"made in Korea" should be returned to point of purchase for immediate
credit.  All Allied Signal direct accounts should return the filters

	Attention: Joyce Cole -- RC195
	Allied Signal Automotive Aftermarket/Bemis
	105 South Missouri Street
	Jackson, TN 38301

For PH6017 filters that have been dealer installed, all service and
required parts as described in this letter will be provided free of
charge. Dealers should replace this filter with an appropriate
aftermarket filter and chargeback their Allied Signal distributor.

The work will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. However,
additional time may be required depending on how dealer appointments
are scheduled and processed.  To obtain this free service, contact your
dealer as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

If you have any problem obtaining the needed repair, please contact
AlliedSignal directly at 1-800-468-9041.  An AlliedSignal
representative will arrange for prompt attention to your vehicle.

We regret any inconvenience which this action may cause you. However,
we are concerned about your safety. If your dealer fails or is unable
to remedy this defect without charge and within a reasonable time, you
may submit a written complaint to the Administrator, National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration, 400 Seventh Street, S.W., Washington,
D.C. 20590, or call the toll-free Auto Safely Hotline at

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

++++++++++++++++++ END FRAM OIL FILTER RECALL ++++++++++++++++++++++