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v6 upgrade??? 5K str Whl

I just got this munth's issue of European Car mag. (O.K. so I'm a little
behind the rest of the world. What's new?) There was a mention of
Schaumberg Audi in the tech section and a new Ad in the back of the mag.
Has anyone tried or know anything about this supposedly 50 state legal
throttle mod. It claims 1-1.5 second drop in 0-60 times for the V6 engine
equipped cars. That's practically all of Audi's 95 fleet except for the V8
and S6.

The cost was $295 for modifying one's throttle body and they promise a next
day return by UPS when one sends in their beloved bone-stock throttle body.
Sorta like rejetting a carb.(Weber/Solex, whatever.)

Is there going to be hope for the 172hp V6. Short of Shoe-horning in a 4.2
V8 in the old engine compartment.

BTW, there was mention about removal of the 5K/1C steering wheel last week.
I've found that after assembly of the switch cluster and steering wheel,
loosening up the switch cluster collar after tightening the steering wheel
to free up the steering a little. Seems that I had tightened the switch
cluster before snugging down the steering wheel and that caused unnecessary
pressure at the horn ring. Since the horn ring is electrical in nature I
think that solid contact is more than enough to engage the horn. Not 20 or
30 foot-pounds of force on the horn ring.

jus my scant experience.
Hope to hear good stuff about the throttle body mods. . .

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu