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Replacing Tappets

Hi all. Did a little work on the '86 5k this weekend - replaced
water pump, timing belt, and three bad tappets. Just wanted
to share some observations that might help the next person
doing this.

1) The special tool (I believe the number is 2079) that holds
the crank damper is definately worth the money. I got mine at
Baum Tools, 800-848-6657, for about $60. Or make your own, or
whatever, but definately get it.

2) There is a special tool for removing the idler pulley, which
you don't need. A standard steering wheel puller used in a
"push" configuration works extremely well.

3) There is also a special tool for holding the cam while
installing/removing the gear bolt. I designed and built my own,
which not only works on the Audi, but will also work on any
standard timing belt gears. If anyone is interested in a sketch,
I can probably fax it to you or something. Cost about $15 to

4) Yet another special tool: The front cam oil seal installation
tool. I did this the old fashioned way - appropriate size
socket (30 mm, as I recall) and careful tapping with plastic
mallet. Next time, I will probably get a long 12mm bolt to
thread into the end of the cam and through the center of the
30 mm socket, so as to be able to run a nut down against the
socket to press the seal in. Bottom line, I don't think you
need this special tool either.

5) Getting the cam back on was tricky. There didn't seem to
be any easy way to start the nuts on the cam bearing studs
(studs are short enough that with the cam popped out of 
position by the tappets, they don't stick all the way through
the bearing caps). Anyone have any tricks for this?

6) The neoprene (if that's what it is) cam cover gasket is
*definately* the way to go.

7) I sure wish Audi would have built a coolant drain valve
into the right side of the engine block.

My humble suggestion: If your tappets are tapping, replace 'em.
The car is not only quiet again, but idles and runs better,
now that all the valves are opening and closing as they should

Hope somebody gets something out of this.

Eric T.    '86 5000S