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Re: Factory exhaust systems??...

>>>>>>o, basically, what you are saying Scott, is that the stock OEM mufflers
  present no

<<<<<  "significant" key word, and given the same diam>>>>>>>> 

restriction to flow, and therefore aftermarket muffler systems
  with the same tubing diamater as stock offer no advantage because the
  stock mufflers present NO restriction whatsoever?

Not at all.....  My research on the exh is about 2 1/2 years old, been there
done/not that....  The stock muffler, by definition is a restriction, but is
it a restriction of significance?  Me thinks not....  Flow test b4 the cat
after the cat before each muffler and after, then you have a baseline to
chase....  And that baseline is very hard to beat without increasing the dia
of the stock exh....  Your supertrapp should work in theory (and maybe does
on the shorter 4k body), but I found that your gains make losses
elsewhere.....  The draw cone theory works well for the short cars and
motorcycles (my FJ has one, love it), but the effect it will have on a 5kt
for instance, does not warrant it's use....  Audi did their homework, no
doubt, and about the only thing I would do short of increasing dia. is look
hard at that honeycomb box.....  the rest it's my opinion that you are going
after sound (maybe weight), but that's it......  I have lots of other thinkin
on this too, and will be apped soon for eval, but for now I'll just try to
steer you guys........  Getting conservative again about spilling all my
mods....  Still want to be at the front of the pack and all that, certainly
got the attention of charlie and mike at grattan.......