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Re: Wheel balancing and weights

On Sun, 7 May 1995, Chad Clark wrote:

> friday while coming home at about 120 MPH!! Talk about scary!! The noise 
> from the wheel wells when they hit the underside at this speed almost 
> makes ones heart stop! I thought I had broken something! The funny thing 
> was that they both came off almost at the same time on both sides of the 
> car. Do these cheap ass weights have a disclainmer that says they will 
> fly off at 120 MPH and make one have a heart attack? I think so. Anyway, 

I had the same experience on my 4kq.  I was on my way home from the tire 
shop, and as soon as I hit 100, they ALL came flying off at the same 
time.  Sounded like a drive by shooting!  I soiled myself I think.  
Anyway, from then on, I go to the dealer and get the tape ons, no matter 
how fast you go, they stay on.  (But high pressure washings can take them 

Also bought a MX-3 a new windshield on that one.


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