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Wheel balancing and weights

      Hello in Q-land,

           Well, rather than tell you the whole long, drawn out story, I 
guess I'll just ask the simple question: Is there a difference in 
Factory/Dealer balancing weights from Audi compared to the hammer on type 
that one gets at the local tire/rim shop?  I had the cheap pound on type 
that not only looked like they may come flying off but did this last 
friday while coming home at about 120 MPH!! Talk about scary!! The noise 
from the wheel wells when they hit the underside at this speed almost 
makes ones heart stop! I thought I had broken something! The funny thing 
was that they both came off almost at the same time on both sides of the 
car. Do these cheap ass weights have a disclainmer that says they will 
fly off at 120 MPH and make one have a heart attack? I think so. Anyway, 
has anyone else had a similar experience with wheel weights flying off at 
high speeds. I have an appointment at the dealer to have them rebalance 
the tires on Tuesday.  
                    Sorry for wasting your time,