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Re: Factory exhaust systems?? ACK!

      Well, here's what I've got on my '87 5TQ. 
    If you all remeber correctly, That same place that tried to charge me 
for a new cat conv. is the place where I had the two rear mufflers 
removed and one is still there. THe factory systems on these cars have 3 
mufflers or one resonator and two mufflers- not sure. But I had them 
remove two of the three for reasons that I like the 'rumble of the Audi 5 
coming out the back. I didn't want it too loud inside the car and this 
mod that was done seems to be perfect. I figure I'm saving weight and 
making the car sound like I want it too. Maybe less backpressure too? 
Sure, I figure I gained at least 500 hp with this. ANyway, only problem 
is that I just dumped a huge dollar figure of crap off the back of the 
car. Hope I won't be selling it soon.