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Re: Factory exhaust systems?? ACK!

Hi Steve,

>I talked to N*d yesterday and he told me that the OEM pipes on Audis are
>stainless, whereas the mufflers themselves may not be.  He recommended that 

>I have the Audi mufflers cut from the pipes removed from the car, and that
t>he mufflers be replaced with SS units [no Nazi pun intended] yielding a
>full SS system.  Can anyone on the net confirm this?  It may be true only
>for Audi Turbos or specifically on the QTC ...

Yup, the stock tubing is stainless. The problem is the mufflers. You can 
have the center muffler removed and a straight pipe welded in. Works fine. 
For the rear you can have a substitute put in. Borla makes some nice SS 
mufflers. I have also seen a TQC with the rear muffler replaced with a 
straight pipe and the center muffler intact. Kinda weird. On my TQC, I have 
a complete cat back Borla stainless exhaust system and they only use the 
rear muffler. And my box of honeycombs is empty...
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com