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RE: Coupe Quattro: 3800 RPM Cutout

Hi Jack,

Congrats on the TQC. The problem that comes to mind is just what glen 
described, the intake manifold air temperature sensor. Any problem with the 
sensor or the wiring is shown by the 4000rpm "limp home" engine speed limit. 
Check the conections to the sensor and buzz out the wiring to the ECU.

I have also recently read about another way the 4000 rpm cut out surfaces. 
In the March 1995 article about ur-quattros in Car and Car Conversions 
magazine, Brian Rickets is quoted as saying that the 4000rpm limit is caused 
by the engine's brain putting itself into "get you home" mode because  the 
turbo is overboosting, and normally caused by either a faulty wastegate or a 
blocked wastegate tube. This ones new to me, anyone else ever heard/seen the 
blocked wastegate problem?
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com