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Coupe Quattro: 3800 RPM Cutout

     Just discovered this  list--proof positive that deus ex machina is 
alive and well.  In my hour of need, deliverance has hopefully descended 
from the heavens in binary, electron-driven form.
     Am the original owner of a 1985 Coupe Quattro (U.S. specs)--street 
version of the World Rally Champion, that I brought home from an assignment 
in Germany.
     PROBLEM:  Periodically (and unpredictably) the engine will begin 
cutting out at exactly the same point (3800 RPM.)  The effect is analogous 
to that of a rev limiter; the result is the same whether you get there by 
brisk acceleration or sneaking up on it .  Everything returns to normal as 
soon as revs drop below the magic number.  Produces a lot of short shifting 
and long explantions (from the folks who swore they  FIXED it the last 
time.)  Have tried several curatives; none have worked.
     Thoughts?  If you've got the solution, you've made a friend for life.

Thanks, Jack vK