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Next AudiWatch (Tm) QUATTRO CHALLENGE May 17th

  Gottah lottah requests for another AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge!

  So here goes, Wednesday May 17th at New England Dragway in Epping, NH

  Gates open at 5 pm, racing starts at 6 pm, $12 US for all the 1/4 mile
  runs you can make.

  "Track food" is available at NED. Ever eat a cheesburger with nitro on it
  and burning rubber
  smoke in the air? It's a new taste treat you just gottah try to believe!

  Lemme know if you are going to show up and I'll keep a list. Send me
  name, car make and color, etc. Look for the '84 4000Q with crappy red
  paint and park nearby.

  See yah there,

  -glen                 glen.powell@smc.com