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Re: v6 upgrade?

>Hmmm....  But did you see the front end bounce to it's stops in 
>the turns, that set of mods prolly did more harm than good,

I'd say that the suspension mod to that red 90 did ALOT more bad than good...
Talked to the owner (Susan) and she said that they must of got a "Bad
production run of struts" because they have blown out 4 pairs of front's in
the last year. From the cars behavior and the wear marks between the coils on
the springs I'd say that their blowing out the valve stacks on the struts.

I will agree that the throttle body mod Sounds Great, but for performance
bennies... The jurys still out on the performance increase.  I will second
Scott on the fact that the schaumberg guys are friendly enough, and boy do
they like to beat the crap out of the bosses car.