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Thanks input, parts sources, car for sale

Thanks to everyone who sent advice on removing the steering wheel.  Replacing 
the combo switch on the steering column is a pretty straightforward task, once 
you get up the courage to pull like heck on the horn pad!  But those switches 
are expensive!  I paid $130 for a used one!  Seems like the high beam switch 
(what broke on mine) is a problem as I say that listed as a reason someone else 
undertook the task.

I've found a couple of good sources for Audi parts lately if anyone isn't 
familiar with them:

AutoSports Unlimited
800-624-3876  used parts and pleasant people on the phone.

619-451-0020.  Very nice guy with good prices on new parts only.  For example 
$115 for a new headlight that Audi sells for $202.

I've been doing  this work (I recently lost a headlight and a fog light to a 
lump of asphalt) to get the car ready to sell.  I like it very much but bought 
something different.  It's an '88 90 Quattro.  Red with Platinum leather 
interior.  5sp, ABS, heated seats, power windows, power sunroof and built in 
radar detector and alarm.  The car has been well maintained.  I'm the second 
owner.  I bought it with 55K miles from an Audi dealer with the Audi used car 
warranty.  It has new brakes (pad and rotors) about  1K miles ago, new tires 3K 
miles ago.  Total of 87,000 miles.  I'm asking $8000.

Rob Perry