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RE: 5KTQ Questions

Daniel Hussey recently wrote:

>>>>           1. My steering wheel moves around a lot over bumps and stuff like
at.  It doesn't feel very insulated.  I like to "feel the road" in the wheel, b
ut I don't like it to move around on me.  I was wondering if maybee some parts
of the steering mechanism were starting to lossen up and could be tightened?  I
'm not crazy about the rather large turning radius either, but I guess there's
not much that can be done about that.  I've heard a lot of upgrading just about
 everything on these cars, but never heard anything about the steering.  What d
o y'all think I should do if I want more insulation (less movement) of the stee
ring?  Advice?<<<<<<

I've recently (past year) spent thousands... on curing the "bump steer"
I have yet to cure it and I'm starting to think its supposed to be this way
althoug my V8 isn't like this (nor is my tomato juice).
I hope someone on the list has an idea.

I was also taken abash at your statement regarding the turning radius.  My 87
%KCSTQ has a tighter turning radius than ANY chevy even one 4 feet shorter.  I
think its amazingly short.  Whats everyone elses opinion.  Maybe yours has a
problem, or maybe I'm easy to please.

Randy Paquette....