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Ned Ritchie is a bad man

Ok all.... I just got off the phone with Ned. I had to hide my wallet 
before I called him otherwise I would be throwing credit cards at him 
left in right.  So I asked him about potential about my 'new' UrQ, and my 
wife determined he is a bad man.

He has one upgrade in specific that seemed to fit the bill for what I 
need.  He offers the computer upgrade, wastegate spring and a new turbo 
for about $2400. This will get me to about 300 ponies according to Ned.  
The turbo is water cooled, but mine is air cooled. He said I have to take 
the plumbing out of a 5kt, which includes the connector off the top rad 
hose, and the freeze plug with the return connector. This sounds like a 
lot of work, but is it really that straightforward? Or is there a lot of 
hiddens Ill be bitten by later.

He said if I do the fuel distributer, Ill get about 350 horse. But I want 
to pass emissions. OK, I dont want to, I HAVE to.  :)

questions:(Keep in mind this is a toy and not a daily driver...)

1) I want reliability to stay. Will this ruin that?

2) Do you UrQ owners have experiences with any of these upgrades? What do 
you think. Is it worth it? What is the best balance?

3) Can I get the turbo somewhere else cheaper??? (His is $1600!!!) Is it 
the same as any other car?

4) Will anyone out there pay for it for me?  :)  (Its worth a shot!)

Thanks all in advance. I appreciate it.


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