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Re: Trannies and BIG hp

  The trannies and drivelines in the "older" 5-cylinder Quattros are vastly
  over-engineered and can withstand considerable abuse without complaint.
  They very rarely fail in normal civilian use and have virtually no value
  on the used-parts market as a result. The Pro-Rally cars ran basically
  stock drivelines for years, with engine over 450 HP. European RallySprint
  ur-Qs have run over 800 HP. Word has it that Audi had so little time for
  testing and analysis when engineering the ur-Q, from which all 5-cylinder
  drivelines were derived, that they way overbuilt most of the driveline
  components to guarantee bulletproof reliability in Pro-Rally competition,
  where reliability is aboslutely essential. Don't worry, be happy!