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Re: Factory exhaust systems??...

>  Scott, an "empty cat not the best"? What do you suggest, sleeving the cat
>  to provide smoother flow?

On the empty cat front, I was at a local autox where a guy had dropped a
Mazda rotary into a 2002.  Certain rotaries want longer or shorter
exhausts.  He had made his own expansion chamber/muffler to cheat the
exhaust length, I guess.  It was a stainless box, fairly large.  Sounded
like crap and detonated like a cannon every time he shut off the car.  Not
sure it helped him, but I'm pretty sure it hurt him in many ways.

It really wasn't pretty.  I would say if anything, tube it, and preserve
the flow.  The transition from, say, 2.5" pipe to a box and back to 2.5"
pipe will ONLY have unpredictable results.


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