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Re: Newsgroup, anyone?


Since this has come around again, I'll throw in my $.02.

I agree that the mailing list is a nice, professional way to do it.  If
you're getting too much e-mail, see if your mail reader can "filter" mail
into folders.  I'm using Eudora, a POP/SMTP client for Mac and Windows,
which allows me to filter all the quattro mail into a folder to read at my
leisure.  This separates mailing lists, personal mail, and work mail as

However, and perhaps this is a question for Dan Simoes, is it possible to
gateway this list to a newsgroup similiar to how bitnet lists are?  That
way, the mailing list continues as a mailing list...but those who find the
volume overwhelming can ask their sysop to addgroup the USENET version of
the mailing list.

Oh network gurus, masters of e-mail, is this posssible...or better yet,
desirable?  My gut feel is, no, it's probably not possible.  Perhaps Dan's
web page of past articles would be useful for those overwhelmed by the
volume?  Am I being indecisive?  No I'm not...well...maybe...errr...


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