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Re: Newsgroup, anyone?

> However, and perhaps this is a question for Dan Simoes, is it possible to
> gateway this list to a newsgroup similiar to how bitnet lists are?  That
> way, the mailing list continues as a mailing list...but those who find the
> volume overwhelming can ask their sysop to addgroup the USENET version of
> the mailing list.
> Oh network gurus, masters of e-mail, is this posssible...or better yet,
> desirable?  My gut feel is, no, it's probably not possible.  Perhaps Dan's
> web page of past articles would be useful for those overwhelmed by the
> volume?  Am I being indecisive?  No I'm not...well...maybe...errr...

Anything is possible :).
I don't think a newsgroup is the way to go - take rec.autos.vw and 
you'll understand why.  As far as gatewaying the list to a group,
it really doesn't make sense - email is the lowest common 
denomintator of all online services, and if you have access to the
web but little time, you can now access the hypertext archives,
which should make it possible for those with little time to read
the group.

To recap, options available are:

quattro: regular list
quattro-digest: digests sent out twice a day or so
mail archives using majordomo
http archives (fully indexed)

That should take care of anyone's lack of time!!!

| Dan |
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