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Winter Maintenance...'88 90Q

Ok...I've got a lot of items to take care of on my '88 90Q.  Wanted to get
people's thoughts on the following:

1) timing belt and water pump.  Any other "while you're in there's"???
valve cover gasket, of course, but anything else?

2) rubber in front end.  Handling has degraded significantly lately.  Front
end seems to "float" at highway speeds...body roll is terrible, etc.  I
think it's time to replace bushings, etc.  What bushings should I replace?
Lower control arms were done by dealer (read $$$...<grrrr>).  But what
others should be done?

3) shocks & springs....not quite time yet, but soon.  I want to do a shock
and spring upgrade.  This is a daily driver, probably not an autoxer
anymore (I've got my fiancee's delSol for that).  I want to cut body roll a
LOT.  The weight shift at highway speeds, mainly in on/off-ramps, is
unsettling to me and passengers.  I want to cut that out!  ;-)  Any
recommendations on springs and shocks...or perhaps packages?  I've heard a
lot of people talk about H&R springs...any good?  I don't want to break the
bank on this, but they seem to be fairly well priced.  I was thinking H&R
street-sport springs and Boge pro/turbo-gas shocks.  Thoughts?


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