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Re: Ned Ritchie is a bad man

He said if I do the fuel distributer, Ill get about 350 horse. But I want
to pass emissions. OK, I dont want to, I HAVE to.  :)

Try an auxiliary mixture enrichment kit first, much more cost effective,
simpler, easily
reversable/disableable, no effect on emission/reliability and very

questions:(Keep in mind this is a toy and not a daily driver...)

1) I want reliability to stay. Will this ruin that?

I don't think so. I've been running the IA CPU for about 3 years now and 15
PSI of boost
with no problems, original clutch and head never been off at >182k mi.

2) Do you UrQ owners have experiences with any of these upgrades? What do
you think. Is it worth it? What is the best balance?

Yes, and I think it is *definitely* worth it! The Stage II CPU, spring and
turbo make a killer combo
for the street.

3) Can I get the turbo somewhere else cheaper??? (His is $1600!!!) Is it
the same as any other car?

You might be able to get it cheaper. Is Ned talking about the RS2 turbo
here, or the S4?
I'm running the S4 turbo on my '85 ur-Q, not the RS2, though I'd like to
try the RS2 after
I get the KuQEFH project all sorted out.

4) Will anyone out there pay for it for me?  :)  (Its worth a shot!)

Not just dreamin' here.....


Thanks all in advance. I appreciate it.