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Re: Ned Ritchie is a bad man

> Ok all.... I just got off the phone with Ned. I had to hide my wallet 
> before I called him otherwise I would be throwing credit cards at him 
> left in right.  So I asked him about potential about my 'new' UrQ, and my 
> wife determined he is a bad man.
> He has one upgrade in specific that seemed to fit the bill for what I 
> need.  He offers the computer upgrade, wastegate spring and a new turbo 
> for about $2400. This will get me to about 300 ponies according to Ned.  

Hey, If you do these mods I will definately hop in my splendid new toy 
and come pay you a visit! That car would be an absolute blast. I don't 
know anyone who will pay for the mods but I bet a bunch of us would be 
willing to pay for the opportunity to go for a ride in such a beast. You 
might even make a profit!

Currently between audis,
84 Maserati Biturbo (Hey, I was young and I needed the money) :)

> The turbo is water cooled, but mine is air cooled. He said I have to take 
> the plumbing out of a 5kt, which includes the connector off the top rad 
> hose, and the freeze plug with the return connector. This sounds like a 
> lot of work, but is it really that straightforward? Or is there a lot of 
> hiddens Ill be bitten by later.
> He said if I do the fuel distributer, Ill get about 350 horse. But I want 
> to pass emissions. OK, I dont want to, I HAVE to.  :)
> questions:(Keep in mind this is a toy and not a daily driver...)
> 1) I want reliability to stay. Will this ruin that?
> 2) Do you UrQ owners have experiences with any of these upgrades? What do 
> you think. Is it worth it? What is the best balance?
> 3) Can I get the turbo somewhere else cheaper??? (His is $1600!!!) Is it 
> the same as any other car?
> 4) Will anyone out there pay for it for me?  :)  (Its worth a shot!)
> Thanks all in advance. I appreciate it.
> Bob
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