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90Q Front wheel bearings

After listening to the roaring noise steadily increase from my '88 90Q
over the past few months, I decided it was time for a wheel bearing
job.  The fact that my wife refused to drive the car anymore had a litte
to do with it as well.

I could not tell which side was at bad so I purchased both front bearings
from GPR at $55 each. Taking out the wheel bearing housing was fairly 
straight forward, although the bolts holding the housing to the constant
velocity joint required some effort to remove (torqued at 148 ft lbs).

At this point I notice that the rubber on one of the control arm ball
joints is split open. Dirt has entered and the joint is  definitely bad. 
So another call to GPR, ball joints $42 each, and a Bently manual for

While I am having the bearing pressed at a local machine shop, I start
to think about what else I should do while the front end is in pieces on
the garage floor. Another call the GPR for Boge turbo gas cartridges at
$60 each , strut bearings, rotors, and Metal Masters. 

Finding new metric stop nuts was not easy. Finally got them at PEP Boys.
The Audi dealer wanted $8 each for M10 x 1.5 stop nuts !

The 90Q is back on the road now after a 4 wheel alignment. Handles great.
The wife is even driving it again today.

I would like to replace the rear shocks next, but looks like an ugly
job after reading through Bently.