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Cool Audi video!

     Before I go...I wanted to let y'all know about a neat Audi video I recentl
y viewed.  Actually two of them.  One is about Audi quattros in rallying and th
e development of the quattro, the other shows Audis racing success, and also ha
s a lot of great rally footage in it as well as some IMSA too!

          1. Audi: The Quattro Story
   -show the success of Audis racing career over the past 15 years.  Lots of ra
lly footage, as well as IMSA, and Trans Am.  Includes bits of interviews with H
ans Stuck and Walter Rohl.  Official Audi video.

          2. The Quattro Experience
   -Shows the development of the Quattro system via rallying, with plent of gre
at TQC rallying shots.  It also shows how this system was implemented into a no
rmal driving car.  Facinating video with spectacular footage.

    Both these videos can be ordered from RallySport at (201) 575-4144, for $29
.95 each (If I remember correctly).  My friend has both of these and I've seen
them both.  I highly reccomend them to add to your video library.  The person t
here to talk to is Andrew Wos, who used to be a rally driver back in the mid-80
's and raced Audi Sport Quattros, then called "shorties".  They have a wide sel
ection of other rally videos and books too.


    See y'all next fall:-)