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84-87 5k Bumpers - Fit?

Anyone know if there is a difference between the bumper on a '84 5kS and the
bumper on a '87 5kTQ?  They look damn near identical, but who knows.  How about
the difference between a '87 5kS bumper and a '87 5kTQ?  I want to do some
surgery to a front bumper for my Quattro, but the one on it is original and
perfect, and I want to keep it that way.  I have access to a '84 5kS bumper
(she won't mind!) and an imaculate '87 5kS front bumper.  Any ideas?  Also, how
well do those bumpers hold paint?  My Quattro is black, but the '84 is silver
(saphire blue) and the '87 is bright red.

87 5000CS TQ