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Re: Factory exhaust systems??...

What is wrong with Glasspacks? I think performance is the desired result of
exh mods, but if your car is going to be driven on the street, sound is very
important. Emptying the cat sounds cruel, what does this involve? Is it
literally 'empty'? If it is, isn't exh flow screwed up by the changes in


Flow test, flow test flow test that glasspax thing against a lot of muffler
systems(incl stock) and you will know....  The wrong exhaust will get great
sound, but at the EXPENSE of performance.....  You should be able to call
around and find a shop that has a exh flow tester, they use it for checking
those midpipe cats for restrictions....  The test really doesn't take long
and can be quite informative...  May want to check b4 cat after cat b4
muffler and after muffler as the baselines.....  Also, remember if you are
not getting mandrel bent tubing the exh dia is only as effective as the
crimped tube, and this means that on audis you need to incr initial dia of
the pipe just to equal the stock system....   Yes, empty as in no more
honeycombs in the box....  Now a check of the empty box vs a pipe might
indicate what you should look at for the cat.....  Audi has done their
homework on their stock systems to the point that aftermarket sytem s are the
more expensive way to go, cuz to beat the stock sytem by any significant
number you must INCREASE its efffective diam, and that is no small
challenge....  Otherwise you are after sound not performance