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Re: What Bar of boost - 5kTQ

<O>     MikeS asked:
<O>     >Or was this just a fluke...  Ned told me that these cars
<O>     >are SUPPOSED to run at 1.3, but I usually have a hard time getting
<O>     >mine to 1.2.
<O>     > What gives?
<O>     >-Mike
<O>     >87 5000CS TQ
<O>     And Jim said:
<O>     >Not a fluke, my 200Q has stock boost and I routinely push boost to
<O>     >1.3 and have occasionally seen 1.4 in spirited driving
<O>     >jim h
<O>     Well, my two cents:
<O>     Even with different mileage, tune, and ambient conditions...these are
<O>     likely two different engines-all factory ten valve turbos are not
<O>     created equal.
<O>     Ned told me that there was a mid '89 change that increased low and mid
<O>     range torque, and upped hp a bit. It involved higher compression
<O>     pistons (8.4/1 vice 7.8/1), a revised camshaft, a smaller turbo for
<O>     faster spoolup and less turbo lag, a new intercooler, and two (instead
<O>     of one) knock sensors.
<O>     I routinely see 1.4 bar, i.e., when I routinely stand on it in
<O>     third or fourth gear, engine warm, above 3000 RPM. This seems to
<O>     be normal for these later 10 valve engines...
<O>     Tom Forhan
<O>     tforhan@hr.house.gov
<O>     90 200 TQW
<O>     87 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon
<O>     87 Acura Integra (For Sale)
<O>     Wanna VW Syncro Westfalia
Well FWIW I often see 1.4 bar & I have a 1988 10V turbo motor.
Could just be calibration variations in the boost guage.

Nick Craft