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Re: What Bar of boost - 5kTQ

On the earlier 5k's, maybe thru 86, the wastegate is adjustable if one just
knocks out the wafer on the top of the wastegate & inserts a 6mm allen
wrench to turn the spring perch in.

My faithful 85 5kt will read 1.6 at about 40 degrees F but it triggers the
overboost circuit once in a while after making this adjustment.

Not wanting to endanger myself or my fellow motorists with unintended
deceleration I decided the only prudent course of action was to disable
that frivolous overboost circuit!

At which time I also concluded that if a little was good, more must be
better.   Right?  So...now manifold pressure runs to the top wastegate
port.  (I rejected the vise-grips on the lower wastegate chamber hose
because vise-grips are $8 and my budget is $21).

It's only good for about 3/4 throttle before the knock sensor sets off the
check engine light...but the oxs reading is nice & rich (.8v+ -) under way
and the gas mileage is outstanding...25.6 mpg for 250 miles @ 50-80 mph.

The other convenient thing is you can brake stand it without the overboost
working.   Takes about 20 seconds for the turbo to spool up, then you roast
tire off the line.  Feels like you might get about 10 shots at this before
the automatic trans has to come out!

If anybody else has something foolish they don't dare do to their own car,
there's still $20 left in my R & D budget and I'd be happy to be the guinea
pig as long as there's $12 left over for Glen's Quattro Challenge (tm) next

-ned bennett