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Re: Newsgroup, anyone?

  Since I joined this mailing list which is quite excellent I have often
  wondered why it is not a newsgroup, I agree it would be much more 
  convenient so you have one vote in favour.


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On Tue, 9 May 1995, Tom Haapanen wrote:

> There is an RFD/CFV upcoming for new VW newsgroups, and I'm wondering
> whether this might be an opportune time to propose an Audi newsgroup
> as well. The mailing list is very busy (averaging 20-25 messages per
> day, and much higher bursts), and reading through news is a lot more
> convenient for most people.
> How do other people feel about this?  A newsgroup is certainly a less
> controlled medium, and thus more open to flames and moronic posts.  And
> yet rec.autos.vw has a pretty high S/N ratio, and this list has seen a
> few stupid articles as well.  :)
> Yea?  Nay?  Is it worth proposing and taking it to a vote?
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