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RE: Newsgroup, anyone?

> Yea?  Nay?  Is it worth proposing and taking it to a vote?

I receive the Quattro list in digest form as I do the Mercedes and BMW list 
(and several other lists in the past).  In comparison, traffic in the last 
3-6 months on the Quattro list has increased in noise.  When I receive a 
digest packet it contains up to 20 individual mailings.  And when 90% are 
response to "baby announcement" I question the value.  The personal oriented 
group posts are a Quattro-only phenomena.  When I was receiving the list in 
non-digest form I would get irritated by the relatively high number of 
"Thanks Dan ....." e-mails directed to Dan Simones, I believe, but sent to 
the whole list.  This is not an attack on the "baby announcement" or Dan., 
those are just examples.  So perhaps we need to think twice about the value 
of a post to the Quattro-list before posting, relative to directly e-mailing 
the intended recipient.

BTW, my vote is for the list!  The newsroom are very "airy".  I could only 
imagine the "unintended acceleration" flame-bait.