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Re: Fwd: Re: Competition cries "OOWW

>   15x7" wheels?* V-6*!?! What's the MX-6 doin' in HS anyhows? HS is for
>   *sedans* and under-powered utilitarian econoboxes and pickuptrucks.
>   I mean, they kicked the bimmers, etc. out, didn't they????       :)

The MX-6 comes with both 4 and 6 cyl. engines ... the 4-cyl. car is legal
for HS and the V6 runs in GS.  As for the wheels, the V6 comes with 7x15s
(the Probe GT, it's sister under the skin, comes with 7x16s!) and I'm not
sure about the 4-cyl. as I've now seen them with both 6x14 and 7x15 ... I
will check into this further.

Like Graydon mentioned elsewhere, these cars are VERY neutral and I'll bet
most people wouldn't realize they were FWD if you didn't tell them ... one
interesting thing I've noticed about this thread: all the talk is centered
on cars Audi hasn't manufactured in years.  For autocross purposes, ALL of
their present models are pretty much hopeless: too heavy, too underpowered,
too undertired ... they're nice street cars, certainly, but they won't run
nearly as well as the older 4000/4000Q/Coupe models on the average course.

On other hand, in most cases, the present range of Japanese cars will run
circles around their 10-year-old predecessors.  What's happened here?  BMW
used to have the same problem -- nice cars but lacking in performance -- and
seem to have addressed it rather handily; perhaps both Audi and VW will do
likewise over the next few years...

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