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Re: Koni Help Needed!

> I have decided to start improving the 86 4kq so I can attempt to win the 
> Nats. (had to say it, quite a debate started over its competitiveness) I 
> want to start with the shocks since it is the first weakness in the car. 
>  Koni sports seem to be the favorite recommendation.  The problem is 
> that I can only find 1 set of front adjustables and 1 set of front 
> external adjustables in the whole country!  They have been backordered 
> for 10 months so these guys want $150 each.  Apparantly, Koni doesn't 
> make an externally adjustable rear.  The normal adjustable rears can be 
> found for $115 each.

I use the regular hydraulic Konis on my '85 4000 (the same up front as your
4kq) and prefer them over the externally adjustable gas shocks.  Of course,
I also had the valving modified to my specs after a LOT of testing -- don't
bother asking 'cause I'm not talking! -- since the factory damping is setup
for general street use and not the specialized demands of autocrossing.

Good luck on your quest!  If you're really serious, give Techtonics a call;
they will build 5 cyl. Audi motors on special request and you'll be needing
as much torque as you can get.  Also make sure that if you modify your diff
locks, you get protested sometime before the Nationals so you'll be able to
determine once and for all whether this is legal or not ... I'd hate to see
you end up being DQ'd in Topeka.  <g>  

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