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Re: Koni Help Needed!

You won't win Nationals with the Boge. I use them in my '87 400Q and they
are great on the street, much more fun than stock on the track; but you
won't win nationals with them.

>Steven Verona:
>The question is:  Are these shocks worth the price or should I consider 
>the Boge's for less than half the price. A few places say the Boge are 
>as good or better....but they are trying to get the sale.
>What should I do?  I want the best handling for the track.  I am not too 
>concerned about the comfort on the road.  Has anyone tried anything 
>besides the Koni's?

I'd listen to Glen Powell - he seems to have considerable experiance
(successful) with the 4000Q on the track. How far did you say you tightend
them down Glen? Bet those big potholes feel like the Grand Canyon.


bbell@csn.net (Bruce Bell)