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New message code

     Seems most of the message lately have made a reference to 'usuall 
     disclaimer' stuff. How about a new code instead of having to write it 
     out? After all, we already use YMMV, TIA, IMHO and other 
     abbreviations. Lets see...
     IUD        Insert Usuall Disclaimer
     UDH        Usuall Disclaimer Here
     NAWA       Not Affiliated With Above
     NMIIFM     No Money In It For Me
     NEBT       Not Employed By Them
     SUS        Satisfied User Story  
     MOO        My Opinion Only
     Or, we could go the other way and identify all the commercial posts...
     SMN        Send Money Now
     CCA        Credit Card Accepted
     ICM        Internet Commercial Message
     VOAP       Vendor Of Above Product
     TTMAR      Take The Money And Run
     Using any of the above codes would save time, reduce bandwith usage, 
     and cut down on the possibility of prolific writers developing carpel 
     tunnel syndrome... ;-)
     Jerry Fields
     Tounge-in-cheek stand against Politicaly Correct E-Mail. For those who 
     don't know me, this is a subtle attempt at humor. Now I'll go home and 
     put a new front muffler on my '87 5K CST. Cheers!