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Re: Fwd: Re: Competition cries "

> Huh?  Didn't Audi use the same floor pan from the old Fox/4000/80 to the
> new 80/90?  I seem to recall a minor (< .5") difference from a 4000 to a
> 4000q, but to the new 80/90?

The .5" difference in wheelbase from the 4000 to 4000q is due to the front
ball joints.  The floorpan of the 80/90 is different from that of the 4000
(so is the older Coupe, although just slightly) but the front subframe and
suspension are interchangeable as a unit.  The Fox shared floorpans with a
VW dasher and was unique to itself (although the front suspension is again
very similar to that of the 4000 and the 80/90).

The offset balljoints make for a nice improvement on early 4000s: because
they are slotted and the control arms are also slotted, you get twice the
amount of negative camber (make sure your motor mounts are in good shape or
you'll pop the driver-side inner CV joint) and a bit of additional caster.

If you're autocrossing the car, this is NOT legal for HS but is legal for
DSP per the update/backdate rules...   

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