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Re[2]: Catalytic Converter Replacement for 86 Coupe GT

        I finally replaced the original cat last year although the guts 
     came loose and started rattling about two years ago.  I bought the car 
     new in Nov 85.  I'll see if there was any documentation that would 
     identify the brand but I'm sure any muffler shop could hook you up 
     with a generic cat.  Didn't notice any difference in performance or 
     noise.  The original exhaust system lasted eight years.  I replaced 
     with an aftermarket (made in Germany) and I think it already has a 
     leak.  I've learned over and over that aftermarket products are far 
     inferior to the Audi OEM.  I kept thinking I would sell the car before 
     the replacement parts wear out but it hasn't happened yet.