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Re: weights on inside????? (car shakes)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Solomon Ngan say:

> I wonder  whether a "slight" shake  is normal for 90q at 
> 120-140km/hr ?   Would re-balancing make it any better ?
> Before I take it back in,  is there anything that I should be looking 
> out for  ?  I don't want to be led down the garden path by these 
> Goodyear people ?   I certainly don't want them to get too close to 
> the drive shaft !

Well, I've had my 100Q up to 160 KMH, and the 90Q20V to 170 KMH,
with no shakes at all. It is never "normal" for a car to shake.

Typically, if the shake or shimmy happens at a specific speed,
and dies down faster or slower, it's likely out-of-balance tires.
If it just gets shakier the faster you go, it's probably a bad
alignment or worn parts in the front end.

Have you had them check the tires for roundness? Sometimes the
tire balances fine, but has a slight warp in the shape that can
make the car shake quite a lot. A dented wheel can also do this.


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