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Audi 100 V6

     I am in the process of buying a '92 Audi 100 (I do not yet have a 
     particular car in mind).  As all of my Audi experiences have been with 
     the 5 Cyl. models, I know very little about the Audi's V6.
     I would really appreciate it if anyone could comment on things I might 
     want to watch out for on a V6 Audi.
     p.s.  Some of you may remember my seized fuel pump fiasco.  Well, the 
     pump failed again, and this time permanently.  Audi has provided their 
     assistance (monetary) by paying for 50% of the cost.  They installed a 
     newer design pump, which is not Bosh, and costs around $420 (hopefully 
     it will not fail again...)