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Re: Factory exh performance?

>On Wed, 10 May 1995, sPiDaO wrote:
>> Is anyone concerned with the legality of an empty cat? Is it to say that
>> mods to the exhaust after the cat are pretty much useless to those who want
>> to stay legal? I think you would have to have almost to no conscious to
>> hollow the cat and be happy about it. Of course, for off-road purposes it is
>> OK, right? Isn't it possible to increase the dia. of the cat along with the
>> exhaust?
>Sorry, I just had to butt in here, so your saying that's it's alright to 
>run without a cat off-road, but not while your on-road.  Can't polute 
>that on-road air, but you know, it's alright offroad.  Nobody ever 
>breaths off-road air.
>	No offense you know, just wanted to make a point.

OK, no offense taken. As far as I know, it is not illegal to remove the cat
for off-road racing, only on the street(someone correct me if I'm wrong). I
wasn't even thinking about pollution here, just legality.

86 VW GTi 
87 Audi 4KS   
81 Audi 2-door 5+5