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Re: Factory exh performance?

> From: "Graydon D. Stuckey" <graydon@apollo.gmi.edu>
> On 10 May 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:
> >   You claim that sleeving a cat makes a big enough difference in
> >   flow to be worth the effort Vs an empty cat, but then you claim that
> >   replacing all the stock mufflers with straight pipe has no benefit?
> >   Your positions appear to be in direct conflict.....
> Glen,

> flow like a straight pipe.  Now, in regard to the mufflers, I get the 
> impression that Scott has found that the flow of the stock mufflers is 
> only marginally worse than a straight pipe, so changing them would result 
> in gains, but much smaller than would be found by sleeving the cat.

I don't know about the 5k cars, but both the mufflers on my 4ksq are
little more than big oval glass packs -- a baffle pipe running through a
fiberglass packed chamber.  I noticed this when I cut the factory pipes
off the worn-out mufflers.  

> Graydon D. Stuckey
> graydon@apollo.gmi.edu


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