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Re: Koni Help Needed!&audis haven't won yet:(

>You won't win Nationals with the Boge. I use them in my '87 400Q and they
>are great on the street, much more fun than stock on the track; but you
>won't win nationals with them.
>>Steven Verona:
>>The question is:  Are these shocks worth the price or should I consider 
>>the Boge's for less than half the price. A few places say the Boge are 
>>as good or better....but they are trying to get the sale.
>>What should I do?  I want the best handling for the track.  I am not too 
>>concerned about the comfort on the road.  Has anyone tried anything 
>>besides the Koni's?
>I'd listen to Glen Powell - he seems to have considerable experiance
>(successful) with the 4000Q on the track. How far did you say you tightend
>them down Glen? Bet those big potholes feel like the Grand Canyon.

I was flipping through the '95 SCCA Solo I and II rule book. According to
it, Audi has never won a championship in HS, or any other class for that
matter. I don't know if this will motivate you are not. Actually no big
consistent winners either in HS. I wonder how my 4000 5+5 would do in this
class. Oh well.

86 VW GTi 
87 Audi 4KS   
81 Audi 2-door 5+5