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Re: "Brake" light

Hairy green toads from Mars made Bob D'Amato say:

> When I start my 90q 20v in the mornings, all my idiot lights go off after 
> a couple seconds, with the exception of the one that says "Brake".  Not 
> emergency, just BRAKE.  The airbag one stays on for a little longer than 
> the others, but the brake one stays on for at least a minute or two.  It 
> does eventually go off after a while, never to be seen again until I 
> start the car again.
> In the afternoons, it doesnt stay on as long, only the firt shot in the 
> mornings.  Any ideas?

The brake pressure accumulator.

Angela's 90Q20V did that; they replaced the accumulator under
warranty, and it got a lot better. 1-2 minutes is too long. It
does stay on for about 10-15 seconds, compared to the 2-3 seconds
for the rest and 5-10 for the airbag.

My 100Q never stayed on that long: 5 seconds max. Dunno why....


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