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Koni Help Needed!

I have decided to start improving the 86 4kq so I can attempt to win the 
Nats. (had to say it, quite a debate started over its competitiveness) I 
want to start with the shocks since it is the first weakness in the car. 
 Koni sports seem to be the favorite recommendation.  The problem is 
that I can only find 1 set of front adjustables and 1 set of front 
external adjustables in the whole country!  They have been backordered 
for 10 months so these guys want $150 each.  Apparantly, Koni doesn't 
make an externally adjustable rear.  The normal adjustable rears can be 
found for $115 each.

The question is:  Are these shocks worth the price or should I consider 
the Boge's for less than half the price. A few places say the Boge are 
as good or better....but they are trying to get the sale.

What should I do?  I want the best handling for the track.  I am not too 
concerned about the comfort on the road.  Has anyone tried anything 
besides the Koni's?

Thanks for your help,

Steven Verona